How to dropship in amazon from India

In the rise of eCommerce industry around the world, India(Bharat) plays a vital role as its middle-class segment is increasing like never before.

How to dropship in amazon from India

According to source, eCommerce revenue in India has reached more than $80 Billion by 2022 and expected to cross $200 Billion by 2025.

Amazon is the largest international eCommerce marketplace in India after Flipkart, as it is offering people what they really want.

Due to the rise of Dropshipping business model globally, many sellers from India want to start dropshipping business.

Amazon marketplace allow the dropshipping model, because it is easy to start as compared to the normal eCommerce startup.

How to start amazon dropshipping business in India?

Step 1: Choose the best selling products on Amazon India.

Step 2: Find the best dropshipping company(supplier).

Step 3: Now, you can register on as a seller.

Step 4: Start listing your product and choose the self-ship or ship by merchant option.

Step 5: Build a marketing blueprint for your product and set the timeline for your goals.

Note: Without proper planning and 100% efforts, no business can start.

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