How to Export sports goods from India?

According to source, total export of sports good from India reached more than $545 Million and increasing with a growth rate of more than 13%.

Export sports goods from India

Cities like Meerut and Jalandhar covered more than 75% production of the overall sports goods.

Due to pandemic, people around the world became more aware towards their physical well being.

And activities like Sports and doing Yoga are the only way to get oneself physically & mentally fit.

So, its a good opportunity for manufacturers & online sellers to export sports goods from India because of its high demand globally.

Top 5 ways to Export sports goods from India

  1. Connect with Sports Goods Export Promotion Council which will help you to expand globally.
  2. Attend international trade fairs & events.
  3. List your products on international online platforms, which will increase the visibility of product.
  4. Get in partnership with retailers in your specific targeted country.
  5. Try to make your presence on social media platforms, which will build trust towards your brand.

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