E-commerce boom in Ukraine

It is estimated that in 2019, a 25% rise is booming E-commerce in the Ukraine market, also creating a platform & resources for 2020. The majority of the population in Ukraine buys the apparel, accessories, daily use groceries, electronics, and home/garden products.

The E-commerce demand in Ukraine rises to 30% that is approx – UAH 163.4 billion and Ukraine’s online goods/services turnover touched UAH 65 billion. If we talk about promotions in social media, search engines and other useful sources valued for UAH 95 billion. Logistics earned UAH 2.6 billion while payments processing online stretched up to UAH 0.8 billion.

According to Export.Gov the prime sites for e-commerce and shopping in Ukraine:

  • OLX (40.4 percent of users)
  • Rozetka (32.5 percent of users)
  • Prom (26.5 percent of users)

To encourage companies towards e-Commerce development in Ukraine, the IT Association of Ukraine became a member of the European e-Commerce and Omni-Channel Trade Association (EMOTA) in April 2017.

Cashless Transactions:

According to ResearchGate Ukraine has become the 4th country in terms of using digital payments. The total 33% cashless transactions are increased if we compared by 2018-2019.

Five Sectors Driving Growth & Investment Sectors in Ukraine

  • Agriculture business
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Defense and Aerospace
  • Retail


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