Best selling products on Amazon Japan

Updated: 28/03/2022

Japan is no more a small fish in the economic pond as it has the 3rd largest economy and the 4th largest eCommerce market in the world.

Japan’s GDP is almost four times the global average, and the Japanese eCommerce market, which is worth over USD 210 billion, has grown at an impressive 14% every year.

Research shows that 80% of Japanese consumers are shopping online(due to internet penetration which has reached 94%), making it an attractive market for online merchants.

Today we have arranged the Best-selling products on Amazon Japan including Skincare, Cosmetics and Snacks.

Top 12 Best selling Japanese products/items on Amazon

  • Writing Instruments(Gel Ball Pens)
  • Organic Cotton Blend Face Towel
  • Electrical equipment
  • High Moisture Light Toning Water
  • Whitening Moisturizing Essence
  • Ready to eat Butter Curry
  • Booster Essence Lotion
  • Mild Gel Cleansing
  • PP Box File
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Water Pitcher
  • Coffee

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