Set up E-commerce online store in Japan

According to resources, the total E-commerce market that is estimated in Japan is stood at more than $210 billion by 2022 and expanding with a growth rate of 14% year by year.

The top E-commerce players in Japan are Rakuten | Amazon and Zozotown.

Set up E-commerce online store in Japan

Internet penetration expected to cross 94% by 2022, which means more than 118 million internet users are there in Japan at the present moment.

The more people use the internet, the more they use online payment methods and in Japan too the use of digital payments is used by 90% of the people.

Credit/Debit cards, E-wallets and Bank transfer are the payment methods that are mostly liked by the people of Japan.

Japan is the best country in Asia after India to start your E-commerce business, so don’t think and start doing.

What we can offer?

USA Business helps everyone in setting up their E-commerce online store in Japan along with necessary services to run a successful E-commerce business.

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