How to sell crafts online for free

After the rise of eCommerce market globally, it becomes very feasible for artists to sell handmade products online.

Where to sell crafts online for free

According to source, Global handicraft market revenue is reached $750 Billion and expected to cross $1.3 Trillion by 2024.

We understand that it becomes a little hard for artists to invest at the initial stage as product in itself needs funding.

So, we have listed 5 easy ways through which one can sell their crafts online for free and that too anywhere in the world.

Where to sell crafts online for free

  • First of all recognize your audience segment and second to offer the best quality products. Also make sure to get clicked the best shots for your craft.
  • Start by selling on Best online platforms which are dedicated only for the handmade items.
  • You can create your own website for free and sell on your own online store too, in order to gain the maximum visibility for your craft.
  • You can connect with retailers by offering them the best deal.
  • You can sell though social media platforms to showcase your craft in front of the mass audience globally.

Note: You can also attend trade shows which will help you to get the bulk orders.

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