Set up E-commerce online store in Brazil

According to Statista – The E-commerce industry revenue in Brazil is expected to cross $50 billion by 2022 and growing with an annual rate of 21%.

Set up E-commerce online store in Brazil

If we talk about internet penetration then it is about 70% right now that means 150 million people are internet users in Brazil at the present moment.

As the internet users are growing in Brazil so do the use of social media and online services are growing.

Mercado livre along with Americanas are the top e-commerce sites in Brazil and yes the E-commerce giant Amazon comes in third place.

Brazil is the huge E-commerce market in the upcoming future to invest in your E-commerce journey.

Want to Start your E-commerce journey in Brazil?

Whomsoever wants to start their E-commerce journey – USA Business helps everyone whether you are an individual or a business to set up E-commerce online store in Brazil along with Shipping | Payment gateway and company incorporation + banking to run a successful E-commerce business.

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