How can I send gifts from India to the US?

US is the home for more than 3.2 million Indians at the present moment and the trading between the two countries is booming like never before.

Send gifts from India to the US

As well all know festivals are deep rooted in Indian culture, so people from India wants to send gifts to their relatives living in US.

Earlier it was only through shipping companies one has to send gifts to US but due to the rise in eCommerce industry it becomes easy to send gifts globally.

What is the best way(online) to send a gift to the US? | How to send gift to USA from India

Online marketplaces like Amazon | eBay | Etsy has their presence in India as well as globally which makes it the best way to send gifts to US

How do you send a gift to someone through Amazon? | How to send gifts to USA from India through Amazon? | How to send gift through Amazon to another country?

You can just simply buy any product and mark it as a gift through the options available on the product page and the rest would be taken care by the Amazon itself.

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