How to open and run a Shopify store from India to sell stuff in the USA only

Many online sellers worldwide are selling through Shopify which makes it the best eCommerce platform globally.

How to start a Shopify store in India

Shopify easy to use interface and necessary integration of the services makes it the number one choice for online sellers.

It also helps sellers to connect with dropshippers through its subsidiary Oberlo to source unique & trending products from many suppliers worldwide.

Above all it helps online sellers to run eCommerce store successfully with the necessary tools needed at the present moment.

How to start a Shopify store for beginners?

Step 1: Sign up for Shopify either for a 14 day trial period or $29/ Month subscription based model.

Step 2: Add your product pictures(Self) or Upload catalog through integration(Dropshipping)

Step 3: Modify the interface of your store with the help of drag & drop options.

Step 4: Connect your domain or Buy a new domain with Shopify.

Step 5: Get your Payment gateway activated and you are done.

Step 6: Now only marketing stuff is remaining, rest everything is done.

How much does it cost to start a shopify business?

Basically, it can cost your around $29 to $299 on a montly based subscription which is depends upon your business scenario.

Any addon integration of services can cost you which is not included in the above pricing.

Cost effective way to run shopify store successfully

  • Make sure to find a product that will sell with the help of product research tools.
  • Try to connect with suppliers other than which Shopify offers.
  • Save on any subscription fee if possible.
  • Run the marketing of your products by yourself.

Other than this you can only save if you manage your online store on your own because in that way you can customize the store with more resourcefulness.

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