How to sell on Darty

According to source, Darty is the 3rd largest Online marketplace in France, which was basically started in the year 1957.

Sell on Darty Marketplace

The marketplace get more than 16 Million unique users in a month, which allow online sellers a great opportunity to showcase their products.

Almost every category is allowed by Darty, which is a good sign for all the Online sellers in France as well as around the world.

And, if you also want to sell on Darty, then we have mentioned step by step guide so that you can run your eCommerce business successfully.

Sell on the Darty Marketplace

  • Choose a niche based on the best-selling products on Darty.
  • Register as a seller on Darty which needs an Email & Phone number along with your company details.
  • Once you are approved, then start uploading your products either through seller portal or API.
  • The shipping has to be done by yourself only.
  • Doing the above 4 steps are easy but to maintain & manage them is a time consuming task.

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