How do I start selling on Amazon if I’m living in Saudi Arabia?

Amazon is considered as one of the leading Online selling platforms in Saudi Arabia with millions of users.

Sell on Amazon from Saudi Arabia

By the government initiatives the entrepreneurship is rising in KSA, which ultimately results in the development of eCommerce market.

According to source, total eCommerce revenue in KSA has reached more than $11.95 Billion by the year 2023.

And, Online sellers are making well use of this opportunity by selling products online not only in Saudi Arabia but around the world.

Start selling on Amazon from Saudi Arabia

  • First, choose from the best-selling products in Saudi Arabia.
  • Register yourself as a seller on Amazon.
  • Once your account is approved, you can start listing your product.
  • After listing, choose your shipping method like FBA(by Amazon) OR FBM(by Merchant).
  • Try to attract customers through offers/competitive pricing & fast shipping.

Documents required to sell on Amazon Saudi Arabia

  • KSA ID Proof
  • Trade license for Businesses
  • Credit card/Bank statement or Utility bill for Individual
  • Bank account

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