How can I get a payment gateway in India?

In India, everything seems to be in a complex form but if anyone can use his mind he will surely get the stuff of his choice.

The rise of internet business in India sparks the millions of souls which gave lights to their dreams and passion. India is considered as the fastest growing economy and fast-growing E-commerce market around the world.

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With E-commerce business, payment plays a crucial role by provide with the peace of mind and your customers ease of payment.

So in this article, we will make you aware of the things needed to get a payment gateway in India OR in other words how one can get a payment gateway in India.

Step 1: Read one of our blogs about the best payment gateway in India that are mentioned below –

Which payment gateway is best in India?

Step 2: After you choose the gateway the next thing is to get ready with the documents first in order to pull up the procedure quickly.

Step 3: Documents needed

  • KYC documents of owner
  • KYC documents of business
  • 3-6 months business bank statement(if applicable)
  • 3-6 months Personal bank statement (if start-up)
  • Canceled check
  • Business & Marketing plan(if start-up)
  • A website with applicable terms & conditions
  • Domain ownership proof
  • Company/Director Stamp
  • Company letterhead
  • Utility Bill
  • W9 Form

Step 4: Once you get these documents ready, just submit it to the gateway you want to proceed with and wait for 2-3 days for domestic and 10-15 days or even more if you also want to process international cards.

If you are unable to do it or find it complex or difficult we can help you to get it done by our well-organized relation with the payment gateways.

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