Export to Europe from India

According to European Commission, Europe is the biggest or we can say the second largest trading partner of India along with USA which covers 14% of the Indian exports.

The total trade between Europe and India stood at €80 Billion which is just doubled from the last couple of years.

Indian products have a demand in Europe and other western countries because of its authenticity & uniqueness.

There are products like apparels & footwears which have a high demand and categorized as a most exported Indian products in Europe.

Generally India export Spices | Apparel | Tea | Organic Food | Pharmaceuticals to Europe and Bamboo is the rising product category in Europe which is a good opportunity for Indian exporters.

Also, do keep in mind the popular products in Europe which the consumer of all the european countries like to buy the most.

How to Export from India to Europe?

There are two ways through which you can export from India to Europe which we have mentioned below.

Procedure 1– If you want to sell on your own then you need to find an importer in Europe and then he will ask you for the sample of your products.

Once, he will finalize your sample product, then the contract or agreements between you and the importer would be made which will decide all the things about shipping date, timings, payment procedure and so on.

Procedure 2– You can sell your products through online selling platforms & marketplaces in Europe which will going to take care of the packing & shipping of your product to the customer within the country.

That means you need to ship your products to the online marketplaces warehouse and from over there they will take care the rest.

Conclusion: In both the methods you need to take care of the shipping & custom duty, so its totally depends upon your vision which method you want to follow.

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