Best E-commerce Payment Gateway in Uganda

Updated: 18/05/2022

With an internet penetration of 29% population that means 13 million people, Uganda E-commerce industry is rising year by year.

Government of Uganda is also supporting the entrepreneurship development and innovative start up solutions.

During the pandemic, Safeboda also launches an eCommerce platform which is a taxi hailing app by keeping in vision the help to the vendors of vegetables, groceries as well to lift up the economy.

Basically, its a partnership between United Nation and Safeboda which is backed by Swedish Government International Agency.

Best E-commerce Payment Gateway in Uganda

Usage of mobile money also plays a vital role in order to lift the economy of Uganda and there 25 million mobile money account at the present moment.


According to report, from the year 2015 to 2019, the transactions through mobile money reached $20 billion from $9 billion.

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