Set up E-commerce online store in Panama

Internet penetration in Panama has crossed 60% by 2020 and at the present moment, the total number of internet users in Panama has reached more than 3 million. GDP of the country is rising with a growth rate of 5% and the total revenue generated through E-commerce is more than $800 million.

E-commerce in Panama

Encuentra24, OLX, and Amazon are the top E-commerce players in Panama and people are loving the online shopping experience that is rising in the country. As the internet grows in this country so as the usage of mobile users increases along with the use of online payment transactions.

Import and Export products in Panama:

Import: Machinery, Vehicles, Pharmaceuticals, Fuels, Iron and Steel rods

Countries: USA | China | Mexico

Export: Wood, fruits, Steel & Iron waste, Fruits, Nuts

Countries: USA | China | India | Netherlands | Vietnam | Costa Rica

Need complete overview to import and export products from Panama? Thinking to set up E-commerce online store in Panama?

USA Business can help you from setting up the online store (E-commerce) in Panama along with shipping | warehouse | inventory | payment gateway and company incorporation + banking.

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