Set up E-commerce online store in Finland

The total population in Finland is expected to be more than 55 million from which 51 million are active internet users that means a 92% internet penetration rate.

The GDP of Finland is rising with a growth rate of 2.80% and revenue through the E-commerce market amounts to $6 billion by 2021 which is expected to cross $8 billion by 2024 with a growth rate of 3.28%.


Top E-commerce players in Finland are Zalando | Verkkokauppa | cDon following by eBay and Amazon.

There are two major reasons for the rise of E-commerce in Finland – Mobile commerce and Internet usage.

Because of internet usage, the use of digital payment methods is also increasing through Credit/Debit cards along with online bank transfer and Paypal.

The benefit of starting your E-commerce business with small countries is less competition with the future scope and there are many small countries located around the world like Finland.

So don’t wait and start your E-commerce journey today!

USA Business helps everyone whether you are an individual or a business to set up an E-commerce online store in Finland along with Shipping | Inventory management | Payment gateway to run a successful E-commerce business.

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