Top 11 best International payment gateway list in India

Updated: 20/04/2020

“Only when you dream it you can do it.”

Dhirubhai Ambani – Founder of Reliance

To get an International payment gateway in India one has to go through a lot of hurdles but it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to have one. It’s just the matter of each and every country when it comes to serving any specific industries.

If one’s business has a good cash flow or marketing plan that focuses on the right aim then your business has a chance to get one.

Without wasting any more time further let us get you the international payment gateway list in India. Do clear all the important stuff carefully that is mentioned below before getting assigned to anyone.

  • Merchant Discount Rate
  • 3D Enabled
  • PCI DSS Compliant
  • Payment Options
  • Payout timings
  • Chargeback prevention

List of International Payment Gateway in India:



3- Paypal

4- Global Payments

5- Telr

6- Techprocess Payment Services

7- Cashfree

8- Adyen

9- Safexpay

10- Zoho Checkout

11- Allied Wallet

Need a customized payment solution for your business?

Figure out by yourself by which payment gateway you want to move by comparing the transaction fees and payout timings. These all the above-mentioned payment gateways come under the best International payment gateway list in India from our point of view.

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