India New E-Commerce Policy in 2024

Updated: 31/05/2024

India(Bharat) is amongst the leading players in the field of E-Commerce as it is the fastest growing economy as well as market amongst all the countries globally.

And diverse sorts of people whether they are businessmen, Entrepreneurs, and Investors are looking forward to diving into.

India New E-Commerce Policy

Recently Piyush Goyal who is the Minister of Commerce and Industry introduced India’s new E-commerce policy that permits 100% FDI equity for B2B E-commerce activities along with the policy for data localization.

More updates will come in the upcoming 100-day agenda after the formation of the government. But there are few things that are on the top list that the government will consider for sure.

Top 7 Things Included in India’s New eCommerce Policy 2024-2025

  • Security of Customer Data
  • Stimulate the Local Digital Economy & Infrastructure
  • Search results prioritization
  • Export promotion through eCommerce
  • Private Labeling through big e-commerce brands
  • Empowering Startups & Small traders
  • Specific eCommerce logistic policy

Other eCommerce Initiatives taken by the Government of India

Open Network for Digital eCommerce(ONDC)

Digital India Initiatives

Bharatnet Project

Also, India is leading the initiative of the first-ever Asia-Pacific eCommerce policy summit which will help India become the 3rd largest economy globally.

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