What are the best free market research tools?

Market Research Tools plays a vital role in any sort of business as it reveals the overall persona of the customer interests, location and many other necessary things.

Free market research tools

We all know about the E-commerce industry growth around the world which has reached a revenue of more than $4.9 Trillion by 2022.

Many start ups, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs are always seeking the latest and useful marketing tools to lift up their E-commerce business.

But we do understand that at the initial stage every start up needs some free market research tools in order to save revenue and use it somewhere else.

So, we have prepared a list of free market research tools for start ups which they can use to run their eCommerce business successful.

Top 11+ E-commerce Market Research Tools For Emerging Startups

  • Facebook(Meta) Audience Insights
  • Google keyword tool
  • Serpstat
  • Google Trends
  • Loop11
  • Google PublicData Directory
  • Pickfu
  • ThinkwithGoogle
  • Pew research
  • Sbdcnet
  • Kred
  • Keywordtool

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